The Australian Book of Records has been introduced to encourage all Australians to have the opportunity to become a record breaker! Stretch your limits to higher places and be winners! Every Australian has the attributes to do this. We are here to help make it happen. We look forward to receiving requests from all Australians to nominate a record they wish to attempt. We invite challenges to set new records and achievements, or break existing records.


  • To apply online, please complete the Apply To Become A Record Breaker form on this page
  • You will be supplied with a TABOR Reference Number and a unique set of rules and regulations relating to your record
  • Record attempts and applications are free of charge. Because of our very thorough record research assessment process, please allow up to 4 weeks for TABOR to respond to your Record application
  • For more urgent cases we offer a 72 hour turn around PRIORITY processing facility, at a cost of $350.00 plus gst


Every Record attempt must be observed in its entirety by an Independent witness or adjudicator, e.g. police, armed forces, person with high standing in the community, or by a professional in your record attempting field, e.g. nurse or doctor , for medical records. TABOR are able to supply professional adjudicators who can witness your record attempt and make a TABOR certificate presentation ‘on the spot’, giving you a great PR opportunity. This service is charged on a case-by-case basis. We suggest you make your request early, so that you are not disappointed.


The Australian Book of Records (TABOR) will not be responsible for any accidents or illness that may evolve as a result of, or during any record attempt. The organiser of the event should take responsibility and implement all safety precautions to ensure the safety of all participants and the public. It is also imperative that sufficient thought is given to participants being under the age of 18. Of course, Record Breaking is all about reaching the highest limits of achievements and stretches the boundaries of individuals. It is extremely important that individuals are aware of their own limits and therefore, undertakes any record attempt at their own risk. Our advice is that Medical Representation is present for the duration of all events.


Once you have finished your record attempt, complete the Backup Materials being submitted to TABOR in relation to Record Attempt/(s) Form.

Carefully check you have collated all information to verify/support your record attempt. Clearly mark all correspondence (including photographs, cds, etc) with your reference number, name and address, stating which record has been attempted and send to: The Australian Book of Records, 2 Aurina Drive, Wallan, Victoria, Australia, 3756. On receipt, TABOR Research Team will analyse this information and advise you of the official outcome.


Signed Statements of authentication by two independent witnesses of some standing within the local community, who have attended the event and can confirm the validity of the claim. Where indicated in the individual record breaking attempt rules, there will be occasions where an official must be qualified in the subject area e.g. a nurse or doctor, for medical checks.

The witness in his or her own handwriting must sign the statement. If possible the statement must be submitted on the witnesses official letter headed paper and contain their full contact details. The statement must contain the fact that the specific rules relevant to the Record attempt have been strictly followed. They must also explain how the exact results were quantified i.e. dimensions, participants involved and so on.

All forms of available media coverage: Newspaper cuttings, photos, magazine cuttings, television and radio footage on video/CD/DVD. Quality colour photographs or transparencies.

Where indicated in the individual record-breaking attempt rules and guidelines, a signed and dated log book, showing that the record attempt has been the focus of constant scrutiny. Time and duration of rest breaks, where relevant, should be indicated in the log. Measurements should be made by suitably qualified individuals and witnessed by the independent witnesses, where necessary. Accurate measuring equipment must be used and all relevant measures must be logged. Failure to provide the requested information can lead to delays in the processing of your claim. Please check carefully prior to forwarding your claim to prevent unnecessary inconvenience.


Does your claim contain all the necessary items? Use the Checklist below:

  • Cover letter
  • Two witness statements
  • Photographs
  • Video footage
  • Media coverage
  • Additional evidence listed in the record-specific Guidelines
  • Signed Agreement Regarding Supporting Materials
  • Translations of documents (where relevant)

Please note your record claim cannot be assessed unless you have supplied all relevant materials. Please send all documentation to: The Australian Book of Records, 2 Aurina Drive, Wallan, Victoria, Australia, 3756.


Any attempt that is successfully accepted as having broken and/or set a record can be awarded an exclusive TABOR certificate in recognition of the achievement. Each certificate may be purchased at $35.00. It is at TABOR sole discretion which records are accepted to be published in The Australian Book of Records. Editorial decisions of TABOR are final.

Apply To Become A Record Breaker

The Australian Book Of Records endorse fair information handling and confidentiality practices, and do not disclose any personal information provided on our forms for use by a third-party.