Jaguar Round Australia Economy Record Drive - Under 3 Litre Diesel Category

Date of Record: 12/10/2012

A team of ten drivers led by world record holders, Helen and John Taylor - in driving order - Mr Chris Lidis, NSW. Ms Frances Blackie, Qld. Mr Ben Murphy, NT. Mr Ron Seddon, WA. Mr Clint Horwood, WA. Mr Nick Price, WA. Ms Bev Fairweather, SA. Ms Sara Gipton, VIC; Successfully circumnavigated Australia achieving the following outstanding results:

Distance covered: 13,925 kms

Litres purchased: 554.26

Cost of fuel: $881.07

L/100 km: 3.98

KM/L: 25.13

Number of tanks: 8.14

Average distance per tank: 1,710.69 km's

CO2 per km: 107 gms

Number of drivers: Ten