Tallest Residential Building to the Spire - Q1

Date of Record: 28/06/2002

At 322.5 m (1,058 ft) and with a roof height of 275 m (902 ft), Q1 qualifies as Australia's tallest all-residential building when measured to the top of its structural point spire.


The Q1 Spire is one of the world's longest at 97.7m. It commences at level 75, is made up of 12 sections and weighs 87.2 tonnes. The oval shaped spire starts at level 76/225m high and extends 47m above the glass fin. Powerful arc lights illuminate the spire which can be seen from 200kms away.

The Q1 Building is taller than the Chrysler building in New York City. Q1, structurally, is the 25th tallest building of the world! Q1 is 322.5 metres high.

SkyPoint has one of the World's fastest elevators taking you from ground to Level 77 in 42.7 seconds.

Australia's only beachside Observation Deck offers stunning 360 degree views of the entire Gold Coast, from the surf to the hinterland and beyond. SkyPoint is 230 metres above sea level.

There are 1331 steps from the ground to Level 77.

Listed as one of the World Federation's Great Towers.


6 piles, up to 2.4 metres in diameter, extend up to 50 metres into rock. 61,000 cubic metres of concrete was used to build Q1, 9,300 tonnes of steel reinforcing, 250 tonnes of structural steel in the roof and spire, 18,926 panes of glass, 1000 kms of electrical cabling in the lifts of Q1 was used in the building enough to stretch from the Gold Coast to Sydney!

Sand from the site was taken by the truckload to replenish Surfers Paradise beach.

Q1 sits on 1.2 hectares of land.

The project cost approximately $255 million AUD.

The spire is made of steel and glass, is 97.7 metres in height and begins at level 75.

Illuminated by arc lights, the spire is visible 200kms away.

During the construction phase a new level went up every four days.


2005 Silver Award winner of the Emporis Skyscraper Award, 2006 RAIA Gold Coast Regional Architecture Award Building of the Year, 2006 RAIA Queensland.


The project to build the world's tallest residential tower was officially launched on the 28th June 2002. Sunland Construction team began work immediately, with a workforce of 500 labouring for over 3 years, or a total of 2.5 million man hours. More than 2500 people were involved in the project. Q1 Resort and Spa officially opened on the 26th of October 2005.


In 1998, the Anderson family acquired the properties on a central Surfers Paradise site bound by the Gold Coast Highway, Clifford Street, Hamilton Avenue and Northcliffe Terrace, the latter streets named in the late 1920s in honour of members of the Australian champion Olympic sculling team. Some 139 lots were amalgamated and until 2002, when construction of Q1 commenced, the properties remained as they were.


Q1 was designed by Atelier SDG. As the design process proceeded during the year of the Sydney 2000 Olympics, the desire to create something intrinsically Australian took hold. In its final form, Q1 draws inspiration from the upswept curves of the Sydney 2000 Olympics torch which itself is reminiscent of the overlapping curves of the Sydney Opera House.