Australia's First Inventors - The Aboriginals

Long before English colonisation, Indigenous Australians were already leading the world. Aborigines were first living in Australia about 50,000 years ago. Aboriginal people were the first people to use ground edges on stone cutting tools and the first to use stone tools to grind seeds, everyday tools which were developed only much later by other societies.

A unique Australian invention, the boomerang, had many uses and purposes. The genius and aerodynamics of the boomerang are one of humanity's greatest inventions. The boomerang is known as an aerofoil, a surface which is designed to lift by making use of air current. A boomerang has the profile of a bird's wing with the upper surface being greater that the one underneath. This characteristic produces a difference in pressure which generates lift when the boomerang is thrown through the air. Based on the principle of boomerang flight, Unaipon anticipated the helicopter as early as 1914. He gained a reputation at the time of being 'Australia's Leonardo' for his promotion of scientific ideas and is commemorated on Australia's $50 note.