First Artist to have a Number 1 Hit Record, International Hit Record and Gold Record - Slim Dusty

Slim Dusty was the first artist to have a number 1 Hit Record and an International Hit Record. He was also the first singer to have his voice beamed from the space shuttle 'Columbia' back to earth in 1983.

He was born David Gordon Kirkpatrick on 13 June 1927 on a dairy farm at Nulla Nulla Creek near Kempsey, New South Wales. At the age of 10, he wrote his first song and the following year, he changed his name to Slim Dusty. In 1946 he signed a recording contract with the Columbia Graphophone Company for the Regal Zonophone label. He remained with the same recording company throughout his life and recorded 100 albums with them. He recorded The Pub With No Beer in 1957, receiving Australia's first Gold Record in 1958. Cover versions of this song became hits in Germany, Austria and Belgium.

In 1973, the first Australasian Country Music Awards were instigated at Tamworth. Through all these years, he mapped Australia's history in song, always staying in touch with the people of the bush and country. Slim's songs were always 'fair dinkum' songs about real Australians. In 1998, he was voted a National Living Treasure and received a Living Legend Award. In 1999, Slim had sudden and urgent cardiac surgery. He was soon back singing and recording. In the year 2000, he appeared for a second time on 'This Is Your Life', the only person to have been afforded this honour twice.