Longest Beard - Raymond O'Donnell

Date of Record: 19/12/2022


Raymond O’Donnell holds the record for Australia’s longest beard

Raymond’s beard was measured by Senior constable Matthew Jennings of Robe police station, South Australia. 
The overall measurement is 139cm or 54.72in long.

Raymond  said he started off with a beard about 13-15 inches long, then he began training at a cinema as a projectionist so the beard had to go. 

After leaving this job in 2009 Raymond decided to let his beard grow freely. Raymond said, “Firstly it was plaited, that became ‘too hard’, so it  just dreaded”. 

Apparently his beard doesn’t get a lot of attention, it may get some shampoo and conditioner on the rare occasion, possibly every couple of months  “I have made a habit of wrapping it around my neck when going up the stairs, or into the bathroom for safety reasons”, he said.