The Largest Gathering Of Mad Max Characters In One Location

Date of Record: 23/04/2022


At the Mundi Mundi Bash, Broken Hill, NSW, 556 women, men, children donned their Mad Max outfits to set a record difficult to beat, ‘the largest gathering of Mad Max characters in one location’. Oufits were extremely innovative and mostly hand made. They were sewn, glued, stapled and more, creating an incredible spectacle for their effort.


A massive thank you to Tim Gimbert Images, a Broken Hill photographer for his outstanding photographs


Additional information about Mad Max culture 
Mad Max II, is an iconic Australian post apocalyptic action thriller film directed by George Miller, released in 1981 to critical acclaim.
The movie is set in the Australian outback following a global war and the collapse of civilization after oil supplies were nearly exhausted, and the world in a state of barbarism. The story follows the travails of former policeman Max Rockatansky. Haunted by the death of his family, Max now roams the desert wilderness of a post-apocalyptic Australia in a scarred, black, supercharged V-8 Pursuit Special. Scavenging for food and petrol, Max's only companion is an Australian Cattle Dog.
The movie was filmed on location on the Mundi Mundi Plains, with the very road leading to the Mundi Mundi Bash featuring in many scenes of the iconic 1981 cult movie.