Longest Continuous Pickleball Playing Time - Gordon Watson And Kirstin Williams

Date of Record: 27/11/2021


Gold Coast Qld. Pickleball players Gordon Watson and his pickleball mixed doubles partner Kirstin Williams were successful in playing pickleball on an outdoor court from sun up at 4:42am to sun down at 6:26pm at Hope Island Resort. 

They became the first Australians to play pickleball continuously for a period of 13 hours and 44 minutes.

The event was to raise money for Movember. 

Gordon and Kirstin played 53 games of pickleball  (to 11 points) against 48 different players. 

International Pickleball Rules allow for two minutes between games (Rule 7.1.7) Gordon and Kirstin used this time allowance between games to refuel, hydrate and to welcome their new opponents onto the court.