World's Loudest Burper - Neville Sharp

Date of Record: 29/07/2021


Neville Sharp, aged 51 from Humpty Doo Northern Territory, has smashed the long standing world record from 2009 held by an Englishman for the world's loudest (male) burp.

At the ABC Studios in Darwin, Neville undertook the record following the strict rules and guidelines of The Australian Book Of Records (TABOR) and beat the Englishman's record of 109.9 dB.

Neville's burp recorded a very loud 112.4 dB 's. 

Neville's older sister, Sandie (nee Sharp) Hunt, taught him how to burp when he was about 6 years old, and he has been practising ever since. Therefore, his 45 years of preparation gave him a fair idea that it was about time for a challenge. His wife (KP) has coached him for over ten years, and also insisted he make an attempt.

Neville began preparing for this attempt over 5 years ago, and finally found the correctly calibrated equipment, fully qualified sound engineers, and a location that met all the required criteria.