Australia's Oldest Man Ever - Dexter Kruger

Date of Record: 17/05/2021

13.1.1910 – 17.5.2021

Supercentenarian Dexter Kruger was born in Kilcoy Qld.

Working as a cattle farmer, he retired when he was into his early 90s.

Dexter lived through both world wars, the Great Depression and droughts and floods. Although there were tough times, Dexter remembers the good.

He started writing books at the age of 86 after the death of his wife.  Dexter said she was ‘his girl’, the love of his life.

He resides at Pinaroo Nursing Home, Roma, in south western Queensland, and could not wait to become the record holder as Australia's oldest man ever.

Dexter’s secret to a long life,“There’s no secret. Keep breathing, have three meals and time goes on”.

Dexter’s daily routine is to sing and whistle and eat half a dozen prawns. His preferred evening meal is sardines and soup.

Words of wisdom from Dexter, "Don’t fill your brain with other people’s thoughts to the exclusion of your own".