The Longest Real-time Composition Performance - Played By Loretta Palmeiro & Mark Isaacs

Date of Record: 27/11/2020


Loretta Palmeiro & Mark Isaacs played the longest real-time composition performance. Playing a single freely- improvised piece for ninety minutes, for soprano saxophone and piano, at GSN StudioWdoubleyou, Wooloomooloo NSW; for Great Southern Nights.


Loretta and Mark compose their music together on the spot, in real time, and without any safety net or roadmap. Demonstrating how music can elegantly respond to change, the duo draws on intuition, imagination and innovation as they take listeners on a remarkable and evolving voyage. The results can be delicate, furious or passionate: proof that unpredictability can be a beautiful journey even when the destination is unknown. Their music navigates through all boundaries between jazz, classical music, new music and many other genres.