The Longest Connected Image Of LED Ropelights

Date of Record: 25/05/2019


Alongside 868 RV’s 5,974.660 metres of connected LED ropelights lay in a line shining light on the Barcaldine Downs/Isisford Road in Central Queensland.

This record was the brainchild of the Australian Motorhoming  Lions Club (AMLC).

The duration of the illumination of the complete line of lights was exactly 25 minutes and 55 seconds.

The continuous line of ropelights symbolised the inter-connectedness and close cooperation between Australian RVers from all over Australia plus a small contingent from NZ and the UK.  The organisers of the event, being a chartered Lions International Club, generated $42,000 for the needy community charities and organisations serving the Barcaldine Region.