Largest Scavenger Hunt Across Multiple Locations

Date of Record: 17/04/2019


A record was created being the FIRST scavenger hunt across eleven countries, three continents simultaneously.

The record was set by Smiths Medical Southern APAC Region. Smiths Medical India lead the event from their headquarters in Mumbai,India.

The activity was undertaken by 143 staff members in India, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, China, Japan and Thailand.

Five Scavenger hunt tasks were administered to every team and they each were required to complete these within a three hour period, with selfie photography as evidence.

This event was recorded live via video conferencing facility. All team members could be watched live and could talk to the leaders of the teams or any of the members online. Zoom Video was projected live on the big screen in the Smiths Medical office so staff members could watch the participating teams live in action.