Biggest Playable Didgeridoo

Date of Record: 27/07/2019

At Barkindji Wiimpatya Murra Art Gallery in Dareton NSW at NAIDOC Day of celebration, proudly lies a didgeridoo measuring in at an incredible 4 metres in length. 

The didgeridoo is from mallee wood and the decoration was a community project with everyone sharing in the pride to achieve the record. In the photos you will see Jacob who helped with the art work, pointing to his name on the didgeridoo, whilst Jacinta shows off her hand print!

People gathered around to listen to Jamain Kennedy play what’s known to be Australia’s oldest musical instrument. Jamain was taught by his dad from age 3 to play the didgeridoo and he also said he watched Yothu Yindi, the famous Australian band on TV and copied them.