JUNIOR Solar System Facts Answered - International Flight Logos Identified - Country Flags Identified - In The Fastest Time

Date of Record: 24/05/2019

* Answered 30 Solar System Facts In The Fastest Time
* Recognised By Sight 48 International Airline Logos In 60 Seconds And Identified 77 International Airline Logos In The Fastest Time
* Recognised By Sight 49 Country Flags In 60 Seconds And Identified 110 Country Flags In The Fastest Time

At 6 years of age Srivalli Sarvani Singaraju Venkata answered 30 solar system facts questions accurately in just 2 minutes 4 seconds.

Questions were varied and complex.

Srivalli identified 48 International Airline logos in 60 seconds and a total of 77 in only 1 minute and 37.56 seconds. 
Srivalli identified 49 country flags in an amazing 60 seconds and 119 in just 2 minutes 15.88 seconds.

Srivalli is a bubbly young girl who is in grade one at Harvest Home Primary School Epping and has interests such as Bollywood dancing and gymnastics.