Most Number Of People Wearing The Same T-Shirt On The Same Date And At The Same Time And Place - The Pancake Parlour

Date of Record: 01/03/2014

At Flagstaff Gardens Melbourne a crowd of 389 participants gathered to try to break an Australian record for 'The most number of people wearing the same t-shirt, on the same day, and at the same time and place'.

The record event was supported by the Pancake Parlour, to highlight Shrove Tuesday. It was also in conjunction with the record attempt for the 'Most number of pancakes tossed simultaneously for 30 seconds at a single venue'.

T-shirts were handed out at registration and people were urged to put them on in preparation for the record commencement.

Participants entered an area where they were counted and their t-shirt checked.

At 11.10am and for the following 20 minutes, 389 people donned the same Pancake Parlour t-shirt, beating the previous record of 377.