Most Number Of People Simultaneously Tossing A Pancake For 30 Seconds At A Single Venue - The Pancake Parlour

Date of Record: 01/03/2014

At Flagstaff Gardens Melbourne a crowd of 388 participants gathered in hope to create an Australian record for 'The most number of people simultaneously tossing a pancake for 30 seconds at a single venue'.

The record event was supported by The Pancake Parlour, to highlight Shrove Tuesday. Frypans were handed out and the excitement built. After registration participants entered an area where they were firstly counted, then each given a single pancake.

Most people had a little practice before the 'real deal' began. John Taylor was ready with the buzzer and stop-watch in hand. 3-2-1 and they were off..there were pancakes being tossed in every direction. The concentration in everyone's eyes showed how seriously they were taking this record.

30 seconds up and the buzzer sounded for everyone to stop tossing.

Unfortunately there were 11 people who didn't quite make the grade, this meant a total of 377 participants were successful and a new Australian Record was born!!