Hang Gliding - Quickest 300 Km Out-And-Return Distance Quickest 100 Km Out-And-Return - Jonny Durand Jnr

Date of Record: 04/02/2014

After a year of planning and his two-week project window quickly closing in on him, 33-year-old Jonny achieved what he set out to do and that is set 2 new world records for:

• quickest 300km out-and-return distance

• quickest 100km out-and-return

Like all record attempts Jonny set himself a challenge and was flying along the cliffs, at the mercy of the winds, waves and great white sharks, that he knew maybe somewhere below.

Jonny and his team decided his world record attempts would be at the Great Australian Bite, where the winds pushing from the ocean and up the cliff allowed him to stay in the air the entire time without stopping. The Big Bight is one of the most remote and terrifying flying locations in the world.

Jonny managed to complete the two turns in the same day!

The previous average speed record for the 300km journey was 56km/h, with a total time of just under 5.5 hours. Jonny smashed that record by recording an average speed of 72km/h.

The previous 100km average speed record was 76km/h, Jonny also rewrote the record books by covering the distance at an average speed of more than 90km/h. At times, he reached terrifying speeds of close to 110km/h.

Jonny's records were independently verified by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale.