Largest Structure Made From Recycled Cans - Beer Can House

Date of Record: 15/12/2013

For 2.5 years a group of young determined men proved that with dedication, commitment and hard work it is possible to break a record. For these young men this accomplishment also came with a lot of blood, sweat and tears!

At the completion of their journey they achieved a national record by building Australia's 'Largest Structure Made From Recycled Cans'.

The beer can house was built in two phases; The first portion was constructed at Beer Day Out Festival at Thoroughbred Park Canberra, then finished in a private location two weeks later. The structure has an area of 4x4m and stands at 3.25 metres high.

The building materials and labour used were:

• 11,578 aluminium cans

• 100+ canisters of liquid nails

• 50+ rolls of duct tape

• 2 metal rods, 15mm diameter each

• 2x2 fibreglass rods stuck together, 10 mm diameter each

• 2 tent poles to support fibreglass rods

• 1000+ person hours