Largest Cow Collection - Caroline Tan

Date of Record: 27/04/2015

How Caroline's (Carol) Cow Collection started...

Carol had a fascination with cows since she was 17, strangely she had only milked a cow a few times and never lived on a farm.

So, why does she collect cows? She is not quite sure, it has just become a passion! In 1997, a friend said to her, "How Now Brown Cow?" and that got the ball rolling.

She began collecting seriously from 2005 and has managed to collect 3,855 as at 27th April 2015.

Carol purchased cow items from Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, China, South Korea), Europe (Italy, Switzerland, UK, France, Spain), North America (Boston, NYC), South America (Colombia), and of course Australia (Sydney, Melbourne). She buys cows from eBay and online retailers and has had contributions from family and friends.

Some people might think it crazy but Carol's love of cows even influenced her decision to purchase a property based on the fact that it's name was cow related. She did mention it started off as an emotional decision, and as the price wasn't right, she walked away from the sale. The following year it was brought to her attention the property was again for sale, and this time it was for the right price SNAP!!

Carol's cow inventory continues to steadily grow.

Record breaking in all forms is about passion and Carol's amazing cow collection definitely exhibits this emotion!