World's Fastest Rendition Of The 'Flight Of The Bumblebee' On An Acoustic Violin - Vov Dylan

Date of Record: 24/01/2014

Australia's fastest violinist Vov Dylan (born Wodzislaw Dylan Elsley) smashed the world record for playing 'the Flight of the Bumblebee' in the fastest time.

Vov played this renowned technically challenging piece on his Scott Cao violin, in a world best time of 38.10 seconds, beating the previous best of 44.87 seconds held by Yara Amirbahonar, from Iran.

Vov Dylan and his string quintet were performing a wonderfully entertaining classical show at Lizotte's Restaurant, Dee Why, NSW and Vov decided as he is Australia's fastest violinist, he would attempt to break the world record. Vov broke the world record twice on the night, his first attempt recording 39.55 seconds, thereafter with the audience of witnesses encouraging him to have another go, he achieved a phenomenal 38.10 seconds.