The Biggest Lobster - Kingston SA

Date of Record: 15/12/1979

The Big Lobster is located in the town of Kingston SA, the idea originally conceived by Ian Backler a local lobster fisherman. He later formed a partnership with Rob Moyse and together they engaged Ian Hannaford to develop the complex on a vacant block of land.

Known locally as "Larry the Lobster," the sculpture of a spiny lobster stands 17 metres high, 15.2 metres long and is 13.7 metres wide, with an approximate weight of 4 tonnes.

The designer, Paul Kelly, modelled the structure on a lobster that he purchased and had stuffed for the purpose, and built it at warehouse out of a steel frame with a fibreglass shell. The details were carved out of foam prior to the application of the fibreglass, before transporting it and having it reassembled on site. The process took approximately six months.