Australia's Widest Cake

Date of Record: 17/08/2013

For Top Ryde City shopping centre's third birthday celebration they wanted to have Australia's Widest Cake and teamed up with Ryde TAFE and Le Cordon Bleu to make it happen. The record more than doubled the previous record attempt.

After a magnificent team effort the overall facts and figures are:

• 110 slab cakes

• 300kg Butter cream

• 30 kg M & M

• 45 metres Happy Birthday ribbon - to be placed around cake. + Acetate & double sided tape

• 3 x large candles

• HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOP RYDE CITY lettering done in Top Ryde City colours blue, orange, green and red, laminated to go onto cake

• 20 metres of plastic table covering

• Piping bags and star nozzles

• Cake Size = 6.25 metres wide

• Estimated weight - @ approx. 4kg per slab cake+ icing + M & M's +candles = 768kg