Most Number Of People Dressed As Star Wars Characters - Mackillop Catholic College Warnervale NSW

Date of Record: 26/08/2013

At Mackillop Catholic College at their book week 'Reading Across the Universe' 10th Anniversary Celebration an amazing 1,262 students and staff dressed as Star Wars characters, enabling them to hold an Australian Record.

There were more than a few Darth Vaders, Yodas, and more light sabres than you could poke a stick at. Queen Amidala of the Naboo was a common sight, while Jedis and Imperial storm troopers swelled the numbers. A solitary Jabba the Hutt cut a menacing figure.

Organiser of the event, school librarian Jacqueline Crowe said, "For a fun day it was a serious cause as our school community has been impacted by cancer and we managed to raise almost $2000 for cancer research."