Most Eggs Crushed Using Big Toes in 30 Seconds - Sebastian Terry

Date of Record: 13/03/2010

Sebastian Terry, founder of took on a challenge whilst in London in March 2010. Number 19 on his 100things list was to break a world record.

An opportunity arose and the task was to crush as many eggs with his big toes in 30 seconds. The eggs could only be legitimately crushed from the sides, and medium sized eggs with a minimum length of 6cm could be used.

Sebastian took up the opportunity to have his feet tied together helping make the mechanics easier and he sat comfortably on a chair. Sebastian had an assistant from his organisation 100things, who was able to wipe his feet, place the eggs in front of his feet and remove debris.

At the end of the 30 seconds Sebastian had crushed a total of 24 eggs, a new Australian and world record.