Longest Continuous Game of Indoor Lawn Bowls - Mt Gravatt Bowls Club

Date of Record: 19/05/2013

Beginning 9am Saturday 18 May and finishing at 11pm Sunday 19 May 2013, six dedicated bowlers managed to beat the existing record for the longest continuous game of indoor lawn bowls.

In fact, the new record time was 38 hours beating the previous world record by a UK bowls club of 36 hours!

The demolishing of the old record played out at the Mt Gravatt Bowls Club, in Mt Gravatt Brisbane Qld.

Of the participants there were 4 male and 2 female bowlers, besides having little sleep they managed to raise $1,200 for prostate cancer research.


TEAM 1: Grant Upton / Geoff Devencorn

TEAM 2: Ann Crocker / Graham Chattin

TEAM 3: Win Worsnop / Irvin Lever

The correct players were on the green at all times, and rotated each hour. All players who commenced, finished the attempt.

Statistics are as follows:

Format of play 2 X 4 X 2

TOTAL ends played 300

Total jacks rolled 300

Total bowls delivered 4800

Total touchers 252

Result of the score Team 1: 153 shots, Team 2: 154 shots and finally Team 3: 170 shots.