Australia's Longest Married Couple Ever - Rose and Joe Zekulich

Date of Record: 25/05/1931

Rose 98 years of age and Joe a young 105 years, stole their first kiss in the cellar of Rose's parents house back in 1930, Rose was just sweet sixteen at the time. Rose was impressed by Joe's handsome looks and good work ethic, Joe worked on Rose's families property at the time. They were married in 1931.

This amazing devoted couple celebrated their 82nd wedding anniversary on May 25 2013, making them the longest married couple ever and the 38th longest wed in world history!

During their marriage they have contributed to Australia's growing population boasting 55 descendants including 23 great-grand children. Rose and Joe have their difficulties due to failing health in some areas, however they are very clear they are still in love and they're over the moon to leave a legacy through their four children and their families.

They are happily residing at the Perth aged-care centre where they have shared a suite for the past eight years.

Thank you to Natalee Fuhrmann Journalist, for editorial content and to the Zekulich family for photographs.