Fastest Time to Eat a 5 Parma (The Parmaggedon) - Hayden Wilson

Date of Record: 06/07/2013

At the Shamrock Echuca Hotel Victoria, Hayden Wilson (aka Hungry Haydo) took on 6 other competitors in an eating competition.

The task set was to eat a 5 Parma, known as the Parmaggedon complete with 5 parmas, ham, napoli sauce, cheese, chips and salad in the fastest time.

The meals were all weighed, being observed under the watchful eye of The Australian Book of Records. The total mass of each plate of food weighed in at 2.575 kg.

The rules stated that the competitors must not leave the table and the only liquid to be consumed could be water (for health and safety reasons).

Countdown began and they were off...eighteen minutes and 34 seconds later Hungry Haydo's plate was clean and on opening his mouth wide for official inspection there was not one trace of food to be seen.

An Australian Record!!