The Royal Women's Hospital ('the Womens') - Significant Firsts

Date of Record: 2013

The Royal Women's Hospital ("the Women's") in Melbourne, Australia, is the nation's largest specialist hospital dedicated to improving the health of newborns and women. The Women's provides tertiary and primary health care, specialising in maternity, gynaecology, women's cancers, women's mental health, and neonatal services. Recognised internationally for its research and innovation, the Women's is one of the state's major teaching hospitals, providing training and education for a wide variety of health professionals. Significant achievements by the Women's include:

• Facilitating the birth of the world's earliest born surviving quadruplets;

• Publishing the world's first full report of the IVF procedure;

• Being the first hospital in Australia and the third hospital in the world to achieve a successful pregnancy and pregnancy outcome using IVF treatment;

• Being one of only 11 globally recognised reference laboratories for molecular testing of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs);

• Having several "Australian-first" clinics, including the first gender-specific mental health research and care centre and the first nurse-led clinic to reverse female genital mutilation;