Single Largest Illicit Drug Seizure

Date of Record: 28/02/2013

Australian police had their largest ever seizure of methamphetamine, an illicit drug known as ice, that was smuggled into Sydney hidden in shipments of chemicals from China.

The 585 kilograms of the drug would have sold for 438 million Australian dollars.

The haul was almost double the previous Australian record of 306 kilograms of ice seized in Sydney in July 2012.

Three men - an Australian, a Singaporean and a Hong Hong passport holder - will face the court.

The police investigation began in September 2012 in response to a tip-off from the public.

The authorities were lead to four suspicious shipping containers on Sydney's wharfs and they found 38 plastic bags of ice concealed inside six 1 metric ton bags marked as the cleaning chemical sodium metabisulphite.

They cleverly substituted the drugs with a harmless substance then allowed the consignments to be delivered.