Longest Serving News Presenter - Brian Henderson

Date of Record: Nov 2002

Brian Henderson holds the record for the longest serving television news presenter having read either the weekend or the weeknight news on Sydney station TCN-9 from January 1957 until his retirement in late November 2002. This makes an incredible total of 45 years!

Brian's famous trademark tag-line began from his very first news broadcast in 1957. Brian would sign off at the end of every newscast with, interchangeably, "and that's the way it is" or "the way it is".

At the conclusion of his final bulletin, Brian's voice wavered as he told viewers it was time to watch the news, not present it: "Not the way it was, as has been suggested, but for the last time, the way it is, this Friday the 29th of November, this is Brian Henderson - a sad Brian Henderson - saying not goodnight, this time, but goodbye."