Longest Serving Character On Australian TV - Stefan Dennis As Paul Robinson In Neighbours

Date of Record: 28/07/2022

The current longest-serving character on Australian TV is Stefan Dennis, who has played Paul Robinson, in the very popular soap opera \'Neighbours\' on and off from when the series began in 1985.

He is the only original remaining cast member on the series.

Of his role as the antagonist in Neighbours, Dennis has said that people struggle to be able to separate him from his character, Paul Robinson. Unfortunately this means they feel he is unapproachable. He has conceded that it could be a testament to his acting and says \"It\'s a real compliment though as people know the character that well, they actually think I am like him in real life.\"

After 37 years on our TV's, Neighbours aired its final show on the 28th of July, 2022.