The Only Working Edwardian Theatre in Australia - His Majesty's Theatre WA

Date of Record: 1904

His Majesty's Theatre is an Edwardian theatre in Perth WA, opened in 1904, during a period of great growth for the town. At this time it was the largest theatre in Australia, and had seating for over 2,500 people.

Over its life, the theatre has hosted large-scale musicals, ballet, opera, Shakespearean plays and many other events. It has been renovated numerous times. In the late 1970s the State Government purchased it and performed an ornamental restoration, whilst bringing the facilities up to date with modern times. It is now home to the West Australian Opera company.

The importance of His Majesty's Theatre to the cultural fabric of WA has been recognised by its inclusion on the State Register of Heritage Places and the Register of the National Estate. It has been rightfully named a State Heritage Icon.