The Biggest Merino - Goulburn NSW

Date of Record: 1985

The Big Merino, built in 1985 is a monument to Goulburn and the surrounding district's fine wool industry. Standing 15.2 meters high, 18 meters long and weighing 97 tons, he is an impressive life-like model of Rambo, a stud Ram from a local property, 'Bullamallita'. He was constructed by Adelaide builder Glenn Senner and the architect was Gary Dutallis. He took six months to build. He has a steel frame, is covered and shaped with wire mesh, and then was sprayed then detailed in reinforced concrete.

Due to major infrastructure changes in Goulburn, the Big Merino ended up in no man's land, consequentially on the 26th May 2007 this grand structure moved 800 metres to a more accessible area for the general public. Marshall Judd was commissioned to construct the under belly and three new legs representing a more complete, free standing ram than previously shown.