The Biggest Banana - Coffs Harbour NSW

Date of Record: Sep 1964

Why the Big Banana? It was in 1964 when John Landy wanted something to make passing traffic stop at his road side banana stall. He was looking for a 'traffic stopper' and followed the lead of the existing 'Big Pineapple' in Hawaii.

What next? With the assistance of 1500 pounds, a local engineer Alan Chapman, set about designing the giant banana by cutting the best looking banana he could find into 40 pieces and developing plans from which builders could work from. Builder Alan Harvey started the construction in September 1964 with the work to be completed before Christmas.

It's the biggest! Australia's biggest banana, is a sizable 11 metres long by 5 metres high, and is 2.4 metres wide. It was officially opened on December 22 that year.