Australia's only precious metals refinery - The Perth Mint

Date of Record: 1899

The Perth Mint operates Australia's only precious metals refinery. As one of the highest throughput refineries in the world, and the largest facility in the Southern Hemisphere, The Perth Mint refines between 300 and 400 tonnes of precious metals each year, though its capacity far exceeds this level of output.

The Perth Mint refines the majority of gold mined in Australia, and volumes of gold sourced from surrounding countries including Asia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Fiji and the Solomon Islands.

The Perth Mint is an accredited refiner for the London Bullion Mark Association, the New York Commodity Exchange, the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, and the Tokyo Commodity Exchange.

An extensive selection of 99.5% and 99.9% pure gold, and 99.9% pure silver cast bars are produced at The Perth Mint refinery.

Perth Mint gold and silver bars are tradable anywhere in the world.

The Perth Mint refinery also offers analytical services to the Australia metals industry.