Think you're up to the challenge of setting or breaking an Australian record? Do you have what it takes to attempt a world record? Have a look at our frequently asked questions below, and feel free to contact us for more information.

Will TABOR be responsible for any accidents or illness that may evolve as a result of, or during any record attempt?
No, the organizer of the event should take responsibility and implement all safety precautions to ensure the safety of all participants and the public. It is also imperative that sufficient thought is given to participants being under the age of 18.

Do you suggest having medical representation like St. Johns Ambulance present at events?
Our advice is that Medical Representation is present for the duration of all events.

Who will set the record rules?
On receipt of your completed Record Attempt Agreement Form, you will receive a unique set of Rules and Regulations from TABOR, relating to your record attempt.

Will I receive a certificate?
On any successful record attempt the participant/s will be given the opportunity to purchase an exclusive TABOR certificate in recognition of their achievement. The cost for each TABOR certificate including postage (anywhere in Australia) is $25.00.

Where do I send the physical record correspondence to?
Send all photographs, CD's, DVD's, documentation to: The Australian Book of Records: 2 Aurina Drive, Wallan, Victoria, Australia, 3756.

What happens once I have completed the record attempt?
Once you have finished your record attempt, complete the Backup Materials being submitted to TABOR in relation to Record Attempt/(s) Form. Carefully check you have collated all information to verify/support your record attempt.

Do I have to sign a Record Attempt Agreement Indemnity Form?
Every individual submitting their details, or with involvement with the creation of any of the materials for submission to The Australian Book of Records (TABOR) in connection with the record attempts is to sign this form. If you are below the age of 18 the Agreement must be signed on your behalf by a parent/guardian.

At record conclusion what physical evidence must be sent to TABOR?
All forms of available media coverage: Newspaper cuttings, photos, magazine cuttings, television and radio footage on video/cd/dvd. Quality colour photographs or transparencies. A signed and dated original copy log book.

Do TABOR return all physical evidence in the form of video/CD/DVD, colour photographs, or transparencies upon record confirmation?
No, TABOR do not return any materials on record confirmation. Ensure you keep an additional copy for your own file and personal record.

How can I be sure that I have all the correct information to send in for record verification?
Use the Record Registration Checklist, compiled to assist you with this important step.

Do I need a signed statement by an independent party to validate the record attempt?
Yes, signed statements of authentication by two independent witnesses of some standing within the local community, who have attended the event and can confirm the validity of the claim, must be submitted.

What facts is the witness required to write in their statement?
The statement must contain the fact that the specific rules relevant to the Record attempt have been followed. They must also explain how the exact results were quantified i.e. dimensions, participants involved and so on.

How will I know who to ask to witness the event?
Follow the individual record breaking attempt rules, there will be occasions where an official must be qualified in the subject area ie a nurse or doctor, for medical checks.

Once I apply for a record how will it be registered?
You will be supplied with a Record Attempt Agreement Form, Backup Materials-Important Notes and Log Form and a TABOR Reference Number. It is important that this Reference Number is referred to in all communication.

How does the witness make a statement of authentication?
The witnesses needs to sign a statement that has been written on their own letter headed paper (if possible), and contain their full contact details.

How will TABOR use the physical record information I/we provide for record verification?
To confirm your status as a Australian Book of Records record breaker we must be satisfied that we can use the materials you provide in support of your record attempt in any media without further reference to you or to any third party. This not only includes our website and publication, but also television, radio, videocassettes and the internet.

Will TABOR supply an adjudicator to assist with the official record observation and the completion of documentation?
TABOR can supply professional adjudicators who can witness your record attempt and assist with the completion of documentation. These costs are on a case-by-case basis and are to cover administration, travel expenses etc. We would suggest you make your request early, so that you are not disappointed.