The Biggest Gumboot - Tully QLD

Date of Record: 10/05/2003

The Golden Gumboot is a competition between the Far North Queensland towns of Tully, Innisfail, and Babinda in Australia for the wettest town of Australia. These areas experience some of the highest levels of rainfall in Australia and the winner for the competition, since 1970, was awarded a rubber boot.

Despite the fact that Babinda has had more rainfall than Tully in the last 40 years, The Golden Gumboot monument was erected in Tully by the Tully Lions and Rotary Clubs on 10 May 2003.

The boot stands at 8 metres x 6.1 metres. It is composed of fibreglass and has a spiral staircase to the top of the boot that allows a view of the town.

The Gumboot was designed,fabricated and installed by Brian Newell.