The Australian Book Of Records (TABOR) was founded by 93 times world record driving champions Helen and John Taylor, by popular demand, with a view to giving everyone living in Australia and Australians living overseas, the opportunity to break Australian national records or world records.

To date, more than 65,000 Australians break and create Australian and world records annually. Record breaking creates a wonderful sense of achievement, great team work, a community spirit and a belief in oneself.

There are numerous categories in The Australian Book of Records book, suiting every persons needs and requirements to strive for their record best. The book will show firsts, oldests, youngests, historical facts, trivia - helping us all to learn about our magnificent country and the people who help make it what it is today.

This is a book you can open on ANY page and discover something new!

You are invited to attend The Australian Book of Records official book launch at Eureka Tower in May 2017.

Or if you cannot make it to the launch, you now have the opportunity to pre-order the TABOR book online!


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